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Quebec and the Maritimes

Specifically, the route took us through Quebec to the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

For this trip we headed as usual across country from Ottawa to Quebec City. Our route through New Brunswick on this trip was the Trans-Canada Highway. On subsequent trips we took the so called River Route. This is the old Trans-Canada Highway that hugs the Saint John River all the way to Saint John – not to be confused with St. John’s, apostrophe ‘s’, Newfoundland.

From Saint John we took the ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia. We spent a month circumnavigating the coast of Nova Scotia, and the coasts of both Cape Breton islands. Then it was down the west coast of Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. We made a brief excursion on Prince Edward Island (we made a more extensive exploration of Prince Edward Island two years later). After PEI, we drove up the New Brunswick coast of the Northumberland Strait (opposite Prince Edward Island — aka Acadien Coastal Drive) as far as Miramichi, from where, we headed across the highly forested central part of New Brunswick, and up to Quebec City and home.

It was during this trip (and re-visits to Quebec City) that I learned much of what I needed for the Third Age of Canada as recounted in my book.