Ottawa to Vancouver Island, and Return across Northern United States

The route across Canada was mostly the Trans-Canada Highway (with several detours). We ended at the western terminus of the Trans-Canada Highway in Tofino on Vancouver Island. Our return across the United States was more-or-less a beeline from Portland, Oregon to Washington DC (mostly managing to avoid Interstate Highways).

As with all our trips, we have the luxury (as young-at-heart retirees!) of time. So, we spent two plus months heading west across Canada to Vancouver Island. There are not many options other than the beloved Trans-Canada Highway so that, with more than a few detours, is the route we travelled. It was a fabulous trip that included: the north shore of Lake Superior; then into the beautiful prairies — “open sky country”. We drove the breadth of Manitoba, with visits to its capital Winnipeg and Saint Boniface (across the Red River). Crossing Saskatchewan we visited, among other, its capital Regina. Next were the Alberta Badlands, and on to Calgary. From here we “did” the Rockies from Banff to Jasper. Our route to Vancouver was through the stunningly beautiful Central British Columbia, basically travelling south west from Prince George. After a stop in Vancouver, we took the ferry to Vancouver Island. After a few days in Victoria we journeyed to Tofino, and the official western end of the Trans-Canada Highway.

This trip also provided much of the information for my book’s Fourth and Fifth Ages of Canada.

Our Summary Trip Report includes the highlights of our journey back across the northern United States, which basically was a straight line from Portland Oregon to Washington DC, with major stops in Yellowstone National Park, South Dakota’s Black Hills and much more. I pride myself that we managed to traverse the United States mostly on back roads (we only travelled some 200 miles on an Interstate!)